Thursday, July 28, 2016

News! Family-friendly pricing structure for middle grade adventures and mysteries

News! Concerning middle grade adventures and mysteries 

Family-Friendly Pricing Structure

# 1  Family-friendly prices. Elk Lake Publishing has changed their price structure on my adventures and mysteries for                Middle Grade Readers
This means all titles in the Sam Cooper Adventure Series are available for $5.95 in print, and $2.99 for e-books. This Currently applies to:

Lost Island Smugglers

Captain Jack’s Treasure

# 2  This Property is Condemned soon to be released!
Keep an eye out for the release of this new Sam Cooper Adventure due to be published very soon. 


# 3 Also watch for the release of these additional new titles in the Sam Cooper Adventure Series, due to be published very soon. 

River Rampage

At the Buzzer

Ghosts inn the Old Attic

# 4  The Accidental Adventure Series is due to be released in time for Christmas. These books, too, will carry the $5.95 and $2.99 prices. This series had been expected earlier, but the publishing company was recently sold, causing a delay.

Accidental Adventures VIDEO

The Cat Burglars

Funny Money Mystery

The Secret of Grandmother’s Grandfather Clock

Summer Camp Trouble

Danger Mountain

Shadow of the Fat Man

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More exciting news coming soon!

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