Sunday, December 31, 2017

3 NEW Middle Grade Adventures & Mysteries Are Published!

NEW Exciting Middle Grade Adventures & Mysteries Are Published! 3 More Coming Soon!


Shadow is a classic, boy-and-his-dog story, filled with twists, turns, action,

danger, and mystery. For as long as he could remember, all Bobby Taylor ever wanted was a dog of his own…any dog. But, he had a problem. His step-father managed the local animal control facilities, and the last thing he wanted to see at home was another barking dog.
Bobby began to notice a severely neglected dog, in the back yard of a run-down home that he passes on his way to school. So, he sort of adopted this pitiful animal as his own. He even gave him a name; Shadow. Unfortunately, because the dog had been so mistreated, he had an extremely vicious side. But, whenever he was in Bobby’s presence, anyone would have thought that this was the most gentle dog in town.
Buck and his followers made it their mission to pick on Bobby with every opportunity. That’s because Bobby was one of the scrawniest kids in school.
Then a rash of vandalism struck the town of Mason City. It began small, but became increasingly destructive. After each hit, the vandals left their mark; a symbol that was always spray-painted on a wall or sidewalk. Bobby is able to keep Shadow, as his own dog, under one condition. If the dog ever attacks anyone, the sheriff has ordered that Bobby’s father would have to put the dog down.
What happens when Bobby finally discovers who’s behind the vandalism? And, when they know that he knows, they set out to make sure he never tells another human being. After Shadow ultimately saves Bobby’s life, he puts his own in jeopardy.

This story will remind readers how important it is to tell the truth, no matter what the consequences may be.


Last Chance

Derek Snyder is about to begin his last year of middle school. This is the last chance he’ll have to feel in charge, before beginning at the bottom of the ladder called high school. He plans to be the captain of his football team, and everyone at school pretty much did as he said. Although his teachers were allowed to call him Derek, everyone else at school had to call him Snyder.
On the day he arrived for the first day of school, Derek was in for a huge surprise. He found his friends crowded around a new student. Even though Derek hated to admit it, this new guy was attractive in every way. Yet, he was not at all what he seemed to be.
Through this story, we learn that Chip used to live in a large city. There, he had been involved in gangs and had even been the cause of the death of another boy.
Derek is determined to push Chip off center stage; a place that only Derek rightly deserved.
This story captures the nuances of junior high identity struggles. Everything Derek had imagined unravels one after the other. Plus, there is plenty of exciting football action.
Readers will learn what is truly important in life as they witness the concept of a person being willing to give up his life for a friend.
This story is funny, exciting, sad, and touching, all at the same time.



What do bar codes, scanners, tattoos, and 666 have to do with the life of a twelve-year-old boy? Maybe nothing.  Maybe everything.  
Alex Peterman had a dream life. He could walk into the grocery store, pick out anything off the shelves, and walk back out without paying for it. Of course, it helped that his father owned Gilbert’s Grocery store.
Alex and his friends, Noah Bates and Tim Price began working with him, in the store, for the summer. But it wasn’t long before some money was missing, a lot of money. And it always happened on the weekends.
Alex didn’t care what it took, he was determined to catch the thief. Only he could never have imagined how big it was, or how many people were involved. He and his friends set up a secret fort, made from wooden delivery pallets that were stored up in a loft above the receiving area of the store. From that vantage point, they could watch anyone who came or went through the back doors.
One day, the boys ran into a delivery man with the tattoo of a skull and swords on his arm. They decided to keep a close eye on this man. When they did, they saw him doing some pretty suspicious things around the store.
The boys were convinced that this was the man who had been stealing from the store, but how? When they saw him again at the regional food convention, they were certain. Now Alex had to come up with a plan to catch him. But he wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

Monday, December 18, 2017

A Deal Too Good To Pass Up on the Sam Cooper Adventure Series - Just in Time for Christmas


Here's a special deal on the popular middle grade Sam Cooper Adventure Series you can't pass up.

From 11:00 A.M. on Monday, December 18 - to Midnight on Friday, December 22

Lost Island Smugglers              FREE!
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River Rampage                          FREE!

This Property is Condemned   .99 CENTS
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Ghosts In The Old Attic           .99 CENTS

This is an excellent opportunity to pick up this exciting adventure / mystery series for the young readers in your family, school, or circle of friends.
Max Elliot Anderson is the author of nearly 40 books. Most are for middle grade readers.

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“There is excitement, adventure, with a few twists and turns for added fun. I will definitely recommend books by Max Elliot Anderson to my daughter, nephew, and my friends with kids in the 8 - 12 age group.”

“Max Elliot Anderson's books are destined to become classics along with such greats as Tom Sawyer, The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Anderson is a talented writer; his books should be available in every local and middle school library.”

“My older two boys who are 8 and 10 years old LOVED these books. I have one boy who doesn't like to read, but it was easy getting him to read everyday with this series of books! They would come and tell me everything that happened in the part they read that day.

“An exciting plot will keep them turning the pages.”

“Max Elliot Anderson weaves this story of adventure and trust with deft fingers, bringing the story to life in a fulfilling and meaningful way. This book should be included on every young boy's bookshelf.”

“I believe this book will appeal to everyone. It was simple and well written. The end was so gripping I found myself sitting on the edge of the couch.”

“I found it exciting and completely entertaining! So did my 10-year old grandson.”

“This is a book that will grab you and hold you until you read the last word.”

“This is a fast paced story for middle grade readers, especially boys, but girls will also enjoy this story of adventure, action, finding a mission and staying alive. A must read.”

“Every once in a while, I get to revert to my kidhood and read a mystery like I used to love--ones on a par with The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. This one was every bit as good. If you have kids or grandkids (nieces, nephews, young friends--you get the picture!), you should get this for them. It's exciting, uplifting, and mysterious! Recommended for about age 8 and up.”

“Mr. Anderson writes exciting books geared for middle grade boys who are reluctant readers and I will vouch for his books as he is the one who caught my son's interest in the written word. If you have young boys or girls who don't like to read, try one of Mr. Anderson's books.”

I would happily take an Anderson book over much of what is palmed off as young people's literature today.”

Find more information about this special deal at the publisher's site

Monday, December 11, 2017

Give the Gift of Reading - My article in Book Fun Magazine

Be sure to check out my article in the December issue of Book Fun Magazine - 

"Give The Gift Of Reading"

Go to click on the magician cover, then flip to page 8.