Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Get kids started reading an exciting series this summer!

Yes, there's still lots of time to get kids started reading an exciting series this summer!

 Books #1 and #2 of the
Sam Cooper Adventure Series
have been re-released by Elk Lake Publishing.
These will be followed by #3 River Rampage, #4 This Property Is Condemned, #5 At The Buzzer, and #6 Ghosts In The Old Attic.
Book #1 - Lost Island Smugglers
Book #2 - Captain Jack's Treasure
Book #3- River Rampage
Book #4 - This Property Is Condemned
Book #5 - At The Buzzer
Book #6 - Ghosts In The Old Attic
Order Lost Island Smugglers NOW!
Order Captain Jack's Treasure NOW!
Others coming soon!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Good News For Middle Grade Readers

In July, I'll be featured on the cover of 
Book Fun Magazine - circulation 480,000 - 
with a feature article inside.

I'll post details when the issue is out.

Watch for it, and please send the information on to middle grade readers, your family members, teachers, librarians, and circle of friends.

Thank you!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Adventures & Mysteries for Kids - What Keeps Me Writing?

Writing for middle grade readers is a solitary pursuit. In fact, ask any author and you’re likely to get a similar response. Long hours, alone in my writing room, are required to produce the action-adventures and mysteries I write for this age group. And, for the most part, an author rarely receives much feedback directly from his or her audience. So, you can imagine what a delight it is to hear from some of my readers.
In some cases, this takes place at a school visit where I have a chance to interact with middle grade students.
There have also been countless emails from happy teachers, parents, librarians, and others who have discovered my books for the children in their family, profession, or circle of friends.
But it’s receiving letters from reader that generate the best sense of connection. Middle grade students occasionally send letters describing their feelings about a particular book or a specific scene in that book. Some even take the time to draw pictures. Here are just a few examples.

 This is some of what they wrote:
“I loved your book!”

“These boys really liked the book and have grown as readers as a result.” – Teacher
“Did you ever write more books like this one? If so I would like to read them!”
“My favorite part was when the dad stopped the evil men.”
“I liked the book because it was interesting and full of adventure.
Throughout this summer, and into the beginning of the school year, several more of my middle grade adventures and mysteries are slated for release. Here are some of the titles:
Lost Island Smugglers
Captain Jack’s Treasure
River Rampage
This Property Is Condemned
At the Buzzer
Ghosts In The Old Attic
The Cat Burglars
Funny Money Mystery
The Secret Of Grandmother’s Grandfather Clock
Summer Camp Trouble
Danger Mountain
Shadow Of The Fat Man
Third House On The Left - Bullies
Midnight Shadows - Dangers of alcohol 
The House Next Door - Hydroponics & illegal drugs
Rail Yard Bandits - Stealing
The Secret Tunnel - Honor & the value of a good reputation
Forest Of Fear - Environment
Follow me on these sites, and please tell your friends and family about these exciting books for young readers.
Contact at mander8813@aol.com