Friday, December 31, 2010

NEWS - NEW Cover - NEW Publisher for NEWspaper Caper

I'm happy to announce the soon to be republished Newspaper Caper.

Newspaper Caper is the first book to be republished by Comfort Publishing. Come back often to find additional updates about the other books to be republished as well as all the new titles that are planned for 2011 and beyond. One of those you will be especially interested in as it relates to the 10th anniversary of 9/11. A contract is expected soon and I'll post more information then.

I don't have a release date for Newspaper Caper yet, but will post that information here when I do.

New Cover

Old Cover

Newspaper Caper has received excellent reviews which you can find at  along with reviews for some of my other titles.

What do you think of the cover changes? 
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Synopsis: Newspaper Caper

Tom Stevens was a super salesman. He and his friends delivered newspapers early every morning. Along their route, the boys often saw some pretty strange things. Then one day they actually became the story in the papers they delivered.

Early in the morning, while it was still dark, the three boys stumbled across some suspicious activity. A tow truck begins to hook up an expensive car in someone’s driveway along their paper route. Tom sees the name Jake embroidered on one guy's pocket. But when the tow truck driver sees the boys, he drives off in the truck, leaving the car behind.

Tom reads in the paper the next morning about a string of car thefts around the area. He begins to see a connection between a local car repair shop and the thefts. The same Jake turns out to be a mechanic at a relative's garage, and he acts very secretive when the boys are around.

The boys’ adventures begin as they take matters into their own hands and investigate the car thefts. They befriend an elderly widow whose car was stolen, and encounter vicious watchdogs and the thieves themselves at the chop-shop, in an abandoned warehouse used by the crooks.

But it’s Tom who proves to be the one who carries this mystery to its dangerous conclusion. Will his investigating skills be enough to help him to solve the crimes. 

March 1, 2011 - Comfort Publishing Preorder on Amazon NOW!
To be republished in 2011 by Comfort Publishing

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Smugglers Pie

I’m not exactly sure why, but several of my books make a big deal about various kinds of foods that I like, or that other members of my family enjoy. Out of seven children, I’m the slimmest. You see, I’m one of those people who doesn’t live to eat, but only eats to live. Often when I was more involved in film and video production, my crew members had to remind me it was time to take a lunch break.

When I’m writing, I often include elements from experience. So the following recipe is one that our son especially liked as he grew up. I think it’s still a favorite of his. Coincidentally, it was a favorite of Sam Cooper, too, who is the main character in Lost Island Smugglers…imagine that.

In Lost Island Smugglers, the dessert is described and the recipe is included in the back of the book on page 257. There, it’s called Chocolate Dessert, but I’ve renamed it Smugglers Pie.

If you try this dessert, I’m sure you and your family will enjoy it as much as we do. I hate cream cheese, and can usually detect even the smallest amount in foods. But you don’t taste it at all in this dessert.

Smugglers Pie

1 ½ sticks of butter (softened)
1 ½ cups all-purpose flour
1 ½ cups chopped pecans

Mix butter, flour, and pecans. Press into a 9 x 13-inch baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes or until light brown. Let cool to room temperature.

Mix (8-ounce) cream cheese (softened), 1 cup powdered sugar, and 1 cup Cool Whip and spread over cooled crust

Beat at low speed 2 packages of instant chocolate pudding with 3 cups of milk for 2 minutes and quickly pour over the cream cheese layer. When the pudding is firm, spread the rest of the Cool Whip over the top.

Refrigerate overnight or at least 6 hours.

Yield: 12 servings - Only 2 or 3 servings if you’re a little piggy : ))

Coming March 1, 2011
Barney and the Runaway

Also in 2011, Watch For

Captain Jack's Treasure
Newspaper Caper
Terror at Wolf Lake
The Secret of Abbott's Cave
Mountain Cabin Mystery
North Woods Poachers
When The Lights Go Out

What are some of your favorite family recipes?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

HOME SCHOOL BOOK REVIEW - Barney and the Runaway

HOME SCHOOL BOOK REVIEW - Reviewed by Wayne S. Walker - Rating: 5 stars (EXCELLENT)

Barney and the Runaway - March 2011

Did you ever want to run away and join the circus? Did you ever actually try it? Michael Ellis lives in Independence, MO, is waiting for his twelfth birthday, and has recently told his dad and mom that he wants to be called Mike from now on. But he has problems in school with not doing his work, and his parents always seem to be correcting him and telling him what to do, so he decides to teach them all a lesson by pretending to run away with his dog Barney. The two sneak out one night, intending to stay only long enough to scare his parents and make them appreciate him more, but the plan goes awry.

Mike and Barney climb into a railroad boxcar full of hay to spend the night, but they fall asleep and end up in Georgia with a circus. Fortunately, they are discovered by Big Bob the Clown and are taken to safety in his wagon. Big Bob tries to encourage the boy to get in touch with his parents, but Mike refuses. Barney is a smart dog, and his tricks earn him and Mike a part in the clown show at the circus. Mike begins to think that living and performing with the circus might be the answer to his problems. Meanwhile, someone is trying to sabotage the circus, and their plans might hurt Mike and Barney. Is there anything that they can do to thwart the plot? And will Mike learn anything from the story of Big Bob’s own unfortunate past that will help him understand that his parents truly love him?

Author Max Elliot Anderson grew up as a struggling, reluctant reader and knows exactly what will grab the attention of “tween” boys. I did this book as a read aloud for our fourteen-year-old son who said that it is great. There is much to commend it. Of course, it is filled with action, mystery, and excitement that will keep both boys and girls turning the pages to see what happens next. But there are also important lessons that children will be able to discern along with Mike, such as the importance of family and the fact that we often don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone. One thing which I especially like is Big Bob's belief that God brought Mike to him so that he could explain what had happened to him as a young boy and help the boy understand his own situation better. Barney and the Runaway is a marvelous adventure book for young people that gets kudos from me.

Book: Barney and the Runaway

Author: Max Elliot Anderson
Cover Illustrator: Colin Kernes
Publisher: Comfort Publishing, March 2011
ISBN-13: 978-0-9845598-4-8
For more information e-mail

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don’t Judge THIS Exciting Book By It’s Cover


When people first see the cover on my book, Big Rig Rustlers, they think it’s an old, dusty Western with cattle, horses, and cowboys. does have cattle, horses, and cowboys in the story, but this book is anything but old or dusty.

The book’s cover will undergo a makeover next year, and be re-released by a new publisher. But I have about 30 copies of the original. Think of it as a collectible. In addition to that, I’ll sign all copies ordered directly from me until they’re gone. If I run out of books, I’ll just return your check.

The price is $9 and I’ll pay shipping/handling. But you must order before February 1. After that, the offer is withdrawn. And make sure to tell me who I should sign your copy to.

The Story

Todd and Amanda live with their parents in a Midwestern city.  The children are invited to visit their uncle, aunt, and Cousin Drew, on their Wyoming ranch over spring break. Todd learns, in a unique way, why stealing is wrong. He decides to choose a new path for his life because of his uncle’s positive example. A band of high-tech cattle rustlers are caught, revealing that Todd was also wrong about Travis, a shadowy character. Read about the round up, police helicopter, satellite phone, rattlesnake, and high-tech rustlers.

You can also find reviews for this exciting book on Amazon, or go to  

Hurry! Send your check By February 1 for $9 to:

Max Elliot Anderson
P O Box 4126
Rockford, IL 61110

Thursday, December 02, 2010

More books for boys...More books for boys...More books for boys!


NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! 12/7/10

Keep watching this blog for an announcement about a very important NEW book, coming soon in 2011. Can't give any more details yet but will as soon as I can.

Christmas Interview

More books for boys...More books for boys...More books for boys!

That’s the cry I hear from parents, librarians, teachers, and boys. I grew up hating to read. So for the past nine years I’ve been working to address this issue. Here’s what you can expect in 2011 and beyond.

Thirty-six manuscripts for readers 8 and up, especially boys, have been completed. Girls like these action-adventures & and mysteries just as much.

In August, 2010, Lost Island Smugglers was published by Port Yonder Press. It’s the first in the new Sam Cooper Adventure Series. This is to be followed by Captain Jack’s Treasure and River Rampage. This would make a great Christmas present for the boys in your life.

Lost Island Smugglers

Sam, Tony, and Tyler took scuba lessons together. Tony’s father owned a marina, so Tony got them in for free. After the boys completed the course, they decided to try their new skills in the ocean. The only problem was, none of them had permission to go, or to take one of the sailboats out for their diving adventure. Everything went well until the biggest storm the boys had ever seen, blew up from out of nowhere, and they found themselves stranded on Lost Island. But, if they thought the worst had happened, they were wrong. What about those high-powered speedboats that mysteriously disappeared? And what were they going to tell their parents, even if they did get off the island?

In 2011, a company in California will produce an audiobook of
Lost Island Smugglers.

In 2011, an ebook will be produced from Lost Island Smugglers.

In 2011, the following books are planned for release by  Comfort Publishing:

Barney and the Runaway March 1, 2011

Summer had no appeal to Mike Ellis. But neither did homework, or class assignments, or self-discipline. He especially disliked his parents always telling him what to do and punishing him when he didn’t. Wanting to teach his parents a lesson, he decides to pretend to run away from home for a day with his dog Barney. His plans go terribly wrong when a day later he finds himself halfway across the country and very lost. Meeting an old clown who also ran away as a child teaches Mike the importance of home, family, and doing what’s right. But can Mike and Barney save the circus in time?

Newspaper Caper

Tom Stevens was a super salesman. He and his friends delivered newspapers early every morning. Along their route, the boys often saw some pretty strange things. Then one day they actually became the story. Readers will like the humor, attack dogs, car thieves, and the chop shop Tom and the others uncover. This story reminds us of how important friendship is. It also teaches God isn't just for emergencies.

Terror at Wolf Lake

Eddy Thompson was known for one thing and one thing only. Eddy was a cheater. He cheated on anything, anytime, anywhere, until something happened up at Wolf Lake. It wasn’t the brutal cold. It wasn’t when he fell through the ice. It wasn’t even when two scary men arrived at their remote cabin. What happened would change Eddy’s life…forever.

Mountain Cabin Mystery

Scott and his friends had dreamed and prepared for their first wilderness camping adventure. When they become separated from their group in a mountain fog, trouble begins. There was that bear, the decrepit suspension bridge over a bottomless gorge, the sheer cliff in the dark, those terrorists in the remote cabin, the Army, the helicopter ride, and…

The Secret of Abbott’s Cave

A detective, a police scanner, and a cave offered possibilities for danger and excitement. Who are the real heroes in America? Randy and his friends pooled their resources to go cave exploring, discovered the hidden loot from a bank robbery, and learned they weren't heroes at all.

North Woods Poachers

The Washburn families have been coming to the same cabins, on the same lake, catching the same fish, for about as long as Andy can remember. And he's sick of it. This summer would be different he decided. Only he never imagined how different. The story is filled with excitement, danger, humor, and drama. In the end, Andy learns the concepts of family tradition, that God loves justice while He hates injustice, and it is important to follow the rules. Readers will enjoy the gigantic, jet-powered floatplane, computers, home made radio transmitter, and naturally, no one will ever forget Big Wally. He’s a fish of course.

That’s quite a list, and most of it should be accomplished in time for the ICRS convention in Atlanta in July, 2011.

You can expect additional news in the coming months concerning more books for boys that girls enjoy reading just as much. Stay tuned for that. As new opportunities emerge, I’ll be sure to stay in touch with you.

Thank you,

Max Elliot Anderson