Saturday, February 21, 2015

NEWS! A 6 Book Contract Signed

6 Book Contract Signed
A contract has been signed to publish six books at Elk lake Publishing. The publisher will re-release the first three books in the Sam Cooper Adventure Series:
1. Lost Island Smugglers
2. Captain Jack's Treasure
3. River Rampage
This is being done because the original publisher has decided to cease operating in publishing. Under the Elk Lake banner, each book will get a new look on its cover.
Then, three more books are planned for the series. The manuscript has already been delivered for book #4. Books #5 and #6 have not been determined yet.
4. This Property is Condemned
5. Coming Soon
6. Coming Soon
In addition, we are developing another series at Elk Lake Publishing. This one is called The Accidental Adventures of Kurt Benson and His Friends, Riley and Jordan. Three manuscripts have been delivered to the publisher so far.
1. Funny Money Mystery
2. The Cat Burglars
3. The Secret of Grandmother's Grandfather Clock.
Three more books are planned for this series. And the manuscript is nearly ready for book #4. Books #5 and #6 have not been determined yet.
4. Summer Camp Troubles
5. Coming Soon
6. Coming Soon
Here's a video for The Accidental Adventures series.

Be sure to check back for future developments.
Thank you!

Max Elliot Anderson
Author of middle grade action-adventrues and mysteries.
Imagine VIDEO

Friday, February 13, 2015

Update on the Sam Cooper Adventure Series

The publisher for the Sam Cooper Adventure Series has decided to close up shop. Our original agreement called for six books.

Three were published: Lost Island Smugglers, Captain Jack’s Treasure, and River Rampage. A manuscript for the fourth book in the series, This Property is Condemned, was submitted but not published.

I’m happy to report that a new publisher is planning to re-publish the first three books and then complete the six book series. Expect a more formal announcement on that soon.

Book Trailers for this Series

Lost Island Smuggglers

Captain Jack's Treausre

River Rampage

This Property is Condemned Info

This Property is Condemned
Is it true what they say about the old Remmington Mansion? Did someobody really die in the basement of that scary place?
This Property is Condemned
will be the 4th book in the Sam Cooper Adventure Series.

In this story, Sam, Tony, and Tyler discover a house that's falling apart. Local developers have sinister plans to tear the place down.

But wait a minute. Didn't the boys just see a curtain move in one of the front windows? All they've ever heard is the place is abandoned; maybe even haunted.

Sam and his friends decide to find out the truth.
This Property is Condemned
Get ready for the next Sam Cooper Adventure / Mystery, coming soon from children's author Max Elliot Anderson.

Why not read the first 3 books now, so you'll be ready when book #4 is published?

Book # 1 - Lost Island Smugglers
Book # 2 - Captain Jack's Treasure
Book # 3 - River Rampage
Coming Soon! Book # 4 - This Property is Condemned

Sam Cooper Adventures VIDEOS

Video - River Rampage -
Video - Imagine -

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Darrell Waltrip - Keynote Speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast

This is excellent. We've all heard and seen the negative reporting from the National Prayer Breakfast.
Many know I'm a huge NASCAR fan - although my driver, Jeff Gordon is retiring after this season.
Watch and listen to what NASCAR's Darrell Waltrip said as the keynote speaker at the breakfast. 
Max Elliot Anderson

Friday, February 06, 2015

In Honor of President Ronald Reagan's 104th Birthday

As we mark President Ronald Reagan's 104th birthday on February 6, I'm transported back to a day during the fall of 1990. At that time I had the unique opportunity to spend much of a day with him as he visited his boyhood home in Dixon, Illinois. This turned out to be the last time he would visit there.
The original video is now housed at the Reagan Presidential Library in California. The following pictures were shot off of my TV screen from a VHS copy of the original material so the quality is diminished.

Along with the rest of the video crew, we were given Secret Service clearance for the day and shadowed him where ever he went.
We began at the river where, as a lifeguard, he saved many lives. There he skipped stones on the river and talked about his experiences.
We walked up to the thirdfloor gym where he had played basketball. Mr. Reagan took a few shots from the free-throw line.

We covered him with video cameras as crowds pushed toward him and made the Secret Service people nervous. For most of the day I was never more than inches or a few feet from one of the greatest men I believe this country has ever had as its leader.
A group of schoolchildren recited the Pledge of Allegiance as he stood out in front of the house. He went to the garage in the back of the house and then on to the statute of himself.
Mr. Reagan spoke to a full house that had gathered in the high school gym. There he was presented with a letter jacket. He proceeded to the football field and threw passes to some of the team.

The most unique experience came when we traveled to the actual house. There we set up for the only video interview that he gave that day. I was able to ask him a number of personal questions about growing up in that house.

After the interview, President Reagan was kind enough to send me a personal letter of thanks.