Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Sneaky Book for Boys - REVIEW

The Sneaky Book for Boys, by Cy Tymony, joins his other books using the sneaky theme.

A few years ago, a television series captured the imagination of boys of all ages. We couldn’t wait to see what ordinary objects MacGyver would put together in order to get himself out of the jam of the week.

Fathers and sons were captivated recently by another book, The Dangerous Book for Boys.” When it first came out, I visualized fathers and sons heading into the back yard to try out some of its suggestions.

The Sneaky Book for Boys is just such a book. Some of the projects are more complex than others, but it’s easy to imagine boys, all over the country, going to the garage or basement to try out some of the ideas. Projects might be helpful for science classes and school projects.

I’ve always enjoyed watching “magic” tricks, and Cy's book has an entire section devoted to those too.

The book is divided into:

Sneaky Tricks

Sneaky Science Projects

Sneaky Resourcefulness

Sneaky Animals and Humans

If you buy this book for one of the boys in your family, or circle of friends, they’ll never again have an excuse to say those dreaded words, “I’m bored.” Might be a great idea for this summer.

You can find additional information about Cy’s other books at http://www.sneakyuses.com/

Max Elliot Anderson
Action-Adventures & Mysteries especially for boys


Katie Hines said...

It's great to hear about this book. We have a grandson who looks forward to spending time with his granddad. They definitely need this book!

max said...

They should have a LOT of fun together with this book.