Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We live in the northeast part of Rockford, IL, and a tornado formed near our house before it pounded the little town of Caledonia.

This is a picture of the actual beast.

I had gone out to the post office, and noticed that the digital thermometer on my Explorer fluctuated wildly between near seventy, down to fifty, and back again several times.

Soon after I returned home, there was a serious blast of wind, so I went outside and tied down the grill cover while rain came in sideways. Then everything became deathly still. Shortly after that, the emergency sirens went off, but by that time the storm had left our area. There's a bit of a controversy about that system now. Our power went out for several hours and didn't come back on until well after dark. Many others were not so fortunate.

Here's a link to the article in this morning's Rockford paper.




Lynda Lee Schab said...

WOW! Scary! Glad you're ok. But what an experience.

Suzanne said...

Awesome picture! Worthy of a true storm chaser. Glad it wasn't any worse for you. I've seen what kind of damage a tornado can do--devestating. But for a writer, it's a wonderful thing to experience (although not too close) so you can use it in a book sometime, right? (or am I the only one who thinks that way about unusual occurances?)

max said...

Thank you Linda and Suzanne. It was an interesting time.

Lisa Lickel said...

Yeah, poor Racine got beat up a lot this summer. I was hoping it would miss the lighthouse where I spent a lot of time while growing up.