Saturday, March 12, 2011

Barney and the Runaway Review

The following review captures Barney and the Runaway perfectly, and the reasons why I wrote it.
   Michael Ellis has recently decided that Mike sounds more grownup and asks his parents to call him that. He hates the way that they always tell him what to do, so Mike decides to teach them a lesson by pretending to run away with his dog, Barney.

   Mike and Barney hide out in an old railroad boxcar and fall asleep. But before they know what happened, things had gotten a whole lot more complicated! Mike finds himself in Georgia, traveling with a circus. Thankfully, Big Bob the Clown helps Mike and Barney get to safety--but now Mike thinks he wants to join the circus.
   Will an old runaway be able to talk a young runaway about the value of family? And will be the circus be all that Mike thought it was?
   BARNEY AND THE RUNAWAY is the newest story for boys by Max Elliot Anderson. This book is sure to appeal to tweener boys (and girls). Mike is eleven years old and he has the adventure of a lifetime in this book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and my daughter can't wait until its her turn to read it.
   My son was a reluctant reader until he was introduced to Max Elliot Anderson's books, and that started him on a reading adventure that hasn't ended yet. My son still has his collection of Max's books on his shelves, and he's in college now. If your son is a reluctant reader, please pick up a copy of any of Mr. Anderson's books. You won't regret it. BARNEY AND THE RUNAWAY is a great read. Review Written by Laura V. Hilton
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