Monday, September 12, 2011

What about children after 9/11?

Never forget.

How many times have we heard those words over the past few days? Still, many children know little or nothing about 9/11 or why it's important to them.
There is a new book for kids, When the Lights Go Out, for readers 8 - 13, that you might consider purchasing for your home, school, church, or public library.
Within an exciting, heart-pounding adventure / mystery, When the Lights Go Out, the father of the main character is able to tell his kids why he joined the army instead of going into business. He says, "After what happened on 9/11, somebody had to help keep the country safe." This opens a short discussion with his two children in which he recounts the events of that day.

There is a special web page for When the Lights Go Out with lots of information, a video, and a news release. You are welcome to lift any material that might help you in communicating with your circle of influence.  

Order one or more copies of When the Lights Go Out today, while 9/11 is still fresh in your mind. Available in bookstores and online everywhere.

Never forget...When the Lights Go Out will help.

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