Wednesday, February 15, 2012

REVIEW - Captain Jack's Treasure

Sam Cooper lives right near the ocean, on the Treasure Coast of Florida. All he's heard about since he moved here are the fabulous treasures that have been found, and those still waiting to be discovered. Sam, Tony, and Tyler are convinced that they will be the ones to dig up the next great find. They meet a crusty sea captain named Jack who's fixing up an impossible looking old tub. What is Captain Jack's mysterious secret? And what is he really planning to do with that boat? This is the second book in the Sam Cooper Adventures.

While this is technically for much older youth than my boys,my oldest definitely loved the adventure within this story (and the fact that a main character had the same name as he did - Tyler). Packed with action, very fast paced - exciting indeed for my son who is 6 - who could not wait for the next part. First time in a long time that we have read a book we both enjoyed; on the edge of our seats.

As a parent I loved that Anderson injects strong principles to live by in a way that children can understand.

Max Elliot Anderson describes the boys' adventures so realistically that the reader feels like he or she is right there participating. This novel, which is part of the "Sam Cooper Adventure" series is a terrific addition to the exciting books Anderson continues to write for young adults! Very nicely done, Mr. Anderson!

Book number 1 in this series is Lost Island Smugglers.
Book number 3, River Rampage will be out soon.

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