Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Library Visit

Recently I participated in an event, at a library near Chicago, with 30 other authors.

This was about an hour before the event started

A woman came to my table who works as a reading specialist in their public school system. After she saw the way that the interior of my books were laid out, making them easier to read, she purchased several because she already knew that they would help her students. We talked for a long time.
If you have children or grandchildren in your family or circle of friends - especially boys - who aren't excited about reading, I'd encourage you to do what this reading specialist did. Get some of my action-adventure & mystery books, try them out, and see what happens. Many have told me that these books were the key to unlocking a love of reading in their kids. And kids say that reading them is like being in an exciting movie.

Comfort Publishing

When the Lights Go Out ISBN: 9781936695478

Terror at Wolf Lake ISBN: 9781936695966

North Woods Poachers ISBN: 9781936695058

Barney and the Runaway ISBN: 9780984559848

Legend of the White Wolf ISBN: 9781936695690

Newspaper Caper ISBN: 9781936695263

Port Yonder Press

Lost Island Smugglers ISBN: 9781935600022

Captain Jack's Treasure ISBN: 9781935600145

River Rampage June 2012


Linda Cadose said...

I certainly agree that we need to try new things to get boys to read! I think stories need to be both educational and exciting to fit boys' requirements for a good read. It sounds like you are a great influence on boy readers!

max said...

Thank you Linda, I appreciate that.