Monday, November 26, 2012

Especially for Grandparents

My wife and I became new grandparents twice this year. In January, Grace was born to our son and his wife. Then in August, Olivia was born to of our daughter and her husband. Since then, I've become keenly aware of the positive influence that grandparents can have in the lives of little ones like these.

Cavin Harper has established a ministry for just this reason. It's called the
Christian Grandparenting Network. He has a new book, Not On Our Watch, that's a great resource for grandparents.
Not On Our Watch! is a call for grandparents and parents to rise above the conventional view of grandparenting to embrace radically courageous life that stands apart from the politically correct crowd. It’s a call to intentionality—not settling for simply being good parents and grandparents, but choosing to stand in the gap and live as conduits of grace and truth for the next generations. Cavin Harper appeals to the emerging masses of Boomer grandparents to create a movement of godly men and women resolved to not let another generation grow up on our watch that does not know the Lord or His amazing grace. There’s too much at stake if we don’t.
Radio Interview

Here's his quick 30 minute radio program called Not On My Watch where Cavin Harper, Executive Director of the Christian Grandparenting Network, interviews me about my action-adventures & mysteries for kids - grandparents - and the importance of reading.

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