Monday, December 03, 2012

Publishing Activities & Updates

A number of new books, anthologies, short stories, and columns are scheduled for the months ahead. Here's a brief rundown:

In Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Gift of Christmas, my true short story, No Christmas Presents in on page 214.

From Port Yonder Press

This Property is Condemned will be book # 4 in the Sam Cooper Adventure Series due out in 2013.

From Comfort Publishing

Three new titles are due out in 2013. They include:

Mischief After Midnight
Hidden Cabin
The Great Cave Caper

From Chestnut Publishing Group

Located in Toronto, Chestnut Publishing serves the education and library markets. Contracts have been signed for 6 action-adventures & mysteries for young readers.

The Secret Tunnel will be the first book published.

From Regal Books

My true story, He'll Never Walk Again, about contracting polio when I'd just turned 3, will be included in the anthology, I Believe in Healing.

From Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House

Hannah, a story about my grandmother, will be included in an anthology, Men in the Company of Women.

From Christian Fiction Online Magazine

My monthly column continues, slanted toward middle grade readers. This month's column, Give the Gift of Reading

From Knowonder Magazine

I continue as a staff writer of short stories for kids. Several stories have already been published. Find them here:

There are many other exciting developments in the works. Please check back often for updates, new releases, and information.

Thank you,

Max Elliot Anderson

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