Monday, October 28, 2013

Sweetness...Sadness...and Illness

Photo: We had quite a gathering of the extended Anderson Family this weekend to say "farewell," "well done good and faithful servant," and "until we meet again" to our mother, grandmother, great grandmother, sister-in-Christ, and friend Doris Ilene Jones Anderson (also known world wide as Mrs. A).

First the sadness. I, along with my 6 brothers and sisters, laid to rest the remains of our dear mother, Doris, Ilene, Jones, Anderson this past weekend. This picture shows the 7 of us along with our spouses, some of our children, and grandchildren. My mother was an exemplary Christian woman and a classy lady. So the occasion was sweet and sad at the same time. I’m standing 7th from the right side, a little in the background because of my height. My wife Claudia is standing 3rd from that same right side.

We drew together as one unit when it came to working through all the legal – financial issues. It was a beautiful thing, given some of the horror stories I have heard in other families over the years.

Some know that I’ve been very ill for the past month or so, and I’m not fully recovered today, but I’m on the mend. My focus was to get well enough to make the 4 hour drive to Indiana for the weekend and return home. It was a rough trip and an agonizing couple of days, and yet I made it. But because of the illness, I’ve been quite absent online. I hope to be back soon. What happened involved several things going bad at the same time, resulting in infection and a 7 day shutdown of a pretty important system along with other complications.

So, if you think to pray for me, that’d be much appreciated.

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