Thursday, January 23, 2014

Is reading all that important?

The following quote comes from Donnita Travis, executive Director of By The Hand Tutoring Clubs in Chicago, IL. I had the opportunity to speak about boys and reading at one of their clubs in the Cabrini Green housing projects in Chicago a few years ago.

"As you have heard us say, reading is the number one predictor for dropping out of school, yet we see far too many kids in upper grade school and beyond reading at a pre-K level. We are helping them make huge progress in the few hours we have them in the afternoon. But, imagine if we had them all day ---- not catching them up, but moving them forward academically." Donnita Travis

By The Hand has just partnered with the Chicago Public Schools to open a new charter school. But no matter what the educational setting, reading is one of the most important skills we must teach our children, especially boys.

And remember, readers are the leaders others follow.

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