Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Cure For Middle Grade Summer Reading Blues

Believe me when I tell you I grew up hating to read; not just in the summer, but all the time. There were several reasons for this, but the irony of the situation is my father authored over 70 books during his lifetime, and I didn’t read any of them as a child.

Today I write action-adventures and mysteries, for middle grade readers, I would have enjoyed as a kid. My entire professional life has been devoted to the production of dramatic films, video programs, and television commercials.

So, when it comes to writing for middle grade readers, I bring unique elements to each project.

At the present time, I have contracts for over twenty books with three publishers. Perhaps you’ll find one that’s just perfect for your middle grade reader. Hopefully you’ll discover several more here because these books work well with struggling, or reluctant as well as avid readers. And though they are slanted toward boys, I’ve found that girls have embraced them, too.
The Sam Cooper Adventure Series!

There are 6 books in this series. Currently the available titles are Lost Island Smugglers and Captain Jack’s Treasure. The series includes the following titles:

Lost Island Smugglers
Captain Jack’s Treasure
River Rampage

This Property Is Condemned
Coming Soon!

At the Buzzer
Ghosts In The Old Attic
Coming Soon!

Next is another 6 book series, from Elk Lake Publishing, called The Accidental Adventures of Kurt Benson And His Friends, Riley and Jordan. This series includes:
The Cat Burglars
Coming Soon!

Funny Money Mystery
The Secret Of Grandmother’s
Grandfather Clock

Coming Soon!
Summer Camp Trouble

Danger Mountain

Shadow Of The Fat Man

NOTE: This series will begin releasing in mid-summer
Mark these sites and check back often
Elk Lake Publishing:
Their FaceBook Page:
For educators of elementary school students, especially those who struggle to get into a book. In association with Chestnut Publishing, in Toronto, Canada, another series of 6 books is in the works. Each includes reading comprehension questions and learning activities developed by a noted educational professional. A collection of short stories will also be included in the books to be published. These are all stand-alone stories. The titles include:
Third House On The Left - Bullies
Midnight Shadows - Dangers of alcohol

The House Next Door - Hydroponics & illegal drugs

Rail Yard Bandits - Stealing

The Secret Tunnel - Honor & the value of a good reputation

Forest Of Fear - Environment

Tree Fort, Pigtails, Pollywogs, And More        (A delightful collection of short stories for kids)

Mark this site and check back regularly
I hope you’ll check out these books and the links provided. The first two series, Sam Cooper, and the Accidental Adventures, will be widely distributed through traditional book stores by Ingram, so I’d appreciate it if you would print out this entire post and take it to book store managers in your area.
You are also welcome to forward this post to family, teachers, and your circle of friends.

Thank you!
Max Elliot Anderson

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