Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Got a Middle Grade Reader who loves surprise endings?

Got a Middle Grade Reader who loves surprise endings? Then Danger Mountain is the next read you’re looking for. 


Kurt Benson’s cousin Dillon lived at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Dillon McDonald’s father owned an outfitter’s shop in the village there. One day Dillon hoped to work for a mountain rescue team. But for now, he and his friends Pete and Wayne were planning their first practice hike. It was only supposed to be for a short distance, and then they’d return the same day. Kurt was coming to Colorado with his father on a business trip.
Dillon’s father had often warned him to stay away from Danger Mountain. That’s because climbers would hike toward it, but never return.
Just before the boys left the outfitter shop, even before sunup on the day of their first mountain hike, a strange group of men started out ahead of them. Dillon’s father had rented the men almost everything except the mules. Kurt hoped he wasn’t about to get into another accidental adventure, but was he ever wrong!
Early into their hike, the boys left the main trail so they could get a glimpse of Danger Mountain. And that’s when they saw some of those same men chasing another man up to the edge of a cliff. A shot rang out, and the man went over the side.
When the boys screamed, the men began chasing them. The chase lasted several days. Dillon wondered if his father would remember their secret meeting place. He, Kurt, and his friends continued climbing, but would they ever be able to reach it?
Then, when the helicopter landed, it was those terrible men who stepped out first. Dillon thought he and his friends were doomed. The boys were not prepared for what happened next.

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