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Mysterious Cabin - Soon To Be Released For Middle Grade Readers

Coming Soon!

Synopsis: Mysterious Cabin

Twelve-year-old Scott Holcomb and his friends Al and Benji have finally been accepted to go on a wilderness adventure hike. Before they go, they have to take a course which teaches the dangers, and what should be done, in case anything goes wrong.

At the start of their hike the boys listened to the guides and followed the rules. It wasn't until Benji thought he saw a deer that he and Al took off after it, trying to get a picture. That’s where they broke the first rule; never leave the path. Scott called for them to come back, but they didn't listen to him and when they finally do return to the trail, the other hikers are nowhere to be seen. They hurried off in the direction they thought was right, but find out later that they were hopelessly lost. Just when they thought things couldn't get any worse, they did.  

Even though the boys broke the rules by leaving the trail, they quickly remember all the rest of their survival training and show unique ingenuity as they face the challenges ahead of them as they try to find their way back to safety.

The boys stumble upon a terrorist group hiding out in an abandoned cabin in the Rocky Mountains. The terrorists are tricked by the boys, arrested, and many others are captured around the world, stopping a planned disaster for the city of Denver. 

This story includes dense fog, an angry, menacing bear, a dangerous decrepit suspension bridge, the fear of being lost, terrorists, the army, and oh, yes, are their parents going to be upset!

Comments and Reviews

. How refreshing it is to find a mystery story written for 8 - 12 year olds that is relevant to modern times and yet retains an old-fashioned flavor. My eight-year-old read it through twice in one day, and I must admit I found it held my own attention and even elicited several chuckles along the way. 

. As in his previous books, Anderson keeps the descriptions to a minimum and the action moving. The reader is apt to read the entire book at one setting as the mystery unfolds.

. This summertime trip into the mountains to learn outdoor survival skills is only the backdrop to a rollicking adventure that climbs up your spine and hangs by its fingertips from the cliff of your skull. A very nicely crafted, attention riveting adventure tale, Mysterious Cabin is especially recommended reading for children ages 8 to 12. MIDWEST Book Review

. Mysterious Cabin is an exciting read, guaranteed to keep your tween boy entertained for hours. My son lives for these books to arrive. Even then I couldn’t put it down, and I am anxiously awaiting the next book. I liked that they showed some distress symbols in the back of the book for boys to experiment with. Pick up a copy for a boy in your life today!

. I don’t want to give away Anderson’s action-packed, riveting plot, but I promise, you will not be able to put down the book until the final page. 
Max Elliot Anderson’s books are destined to become classics along with such greats as Tom Sawyer, The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Anderson is a talented writer; his books should be available in every local and middle school library. I am looking forward eagerly to his next adventure.
. I recommend reading this book to all who’ve enjoyed Anderson’s other books, because this is one of his best.

. The latest release by talented storyteller Max Elliot Anderson is a wonderfully entertaining read. When I began reading the book I found myself unable to put it down. I read the book from start to finish in one sitting. I could not stop reading even for meals. I was drawn in from the start by the way Mr. Anderson writes. He writes in a free flowing style that is very easy to read. He writes in such a way that the reader does not even realize that they are moving through the book so quickly and smoothly. Younger readers will find this book to be one they can easily read and enjoy. They won't feel bogged down by a book that is too challenging or difficult to read. Rather they will find an enjoyable entertaining story that is realistic and speaks to them in a manner that is consistent with how they speak themselves. Parents will find Anderson 's books to be a great way to get their kids to read. So many parents have to fight to get their kids to read. Try this book if that is the typical routine in your home when it comes to reading. I am sure you will find that these wonderful books are met with enthusiasm and are welcomed. Simply try it out for yourself and let the positive writing style of Max Elliot Anderson engage your young readers.

. I love the way Max writes. Though these books are aimed at the middle grade reader (boys 8-13) he writes in such a way that adults, like me, can really enjoy the story, too. Max doesn't "write down" to this age group. There is no condescension, no attempt to make this an 'easy' read. Yet it flows well and the pages get turned in rapid succession. I strongly urge you to get Mysterious Cabin. Another great job, Max. Congratulations.

. Typically, Anderson 's characters wind up in a happily ever after ending type of situation, but that hardly negates the tense impact of this author's exciting stories! The reader is led to genuinely care about the main characters and roots for them through every dangerous second! Max Anderson, again you continue not to disappoint this reader!

. In a world of TV and media coverage where violence and crime seem to win the day, Mysterious Cabin is a refreshing, thrilling story that also concentrates on the values that ensure a meaningful and peaceful life – yes, with plenty of mystery and adventure!

. Anderson is a genius at exciting plots, and sympathetic, interesting characters.

. I found myself reacting to events and wanting to keep reading despite interruptions around me. I think pre-teen boys would like this book, because the three boys are normal, believable characters. The facts presented in the book about wilderness camping, using signals, and what to do when faced with various dangers make the book even more believable and interesting.

Max Elliot Anderson


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