Saturday, September 26, 2009

Get The Kids Outside To Play...With Books!

Here's a link to a site that might interest you and your children. It's especially useful for homeschool families. Project P L A Y has created books that encourage children to get outside and play.

Treasure Hunt

A fun trip through Sam’s house, hunting for clues and finding the hidden treasure. Kids will enjoy looking for the clues on each page. The book also comes with clues the parents and children can use to create their own treasure hunts.
Follow the Leader

Follow Sam through Edgebrook as he picks up his pals and entertains the gang on a rainy day. Kids will pick up tips for playing the game of Follow the Leader with their friends.
Just a Baseball Game

Sam and his friends deal with the reality of bad sportsmanship by sticking together. This book will teach us all to be good sports and to enjoy “just playing ball.” The book comes with baseball cards for all the characters.

Kick the Can
Play this timeless game with the kids of Edgebrook at their neighborhood block party. The book comes with the rules of the game and the inspiration for your kids to get out and play.

Coming Soon!

Ghosts in the Graveyard, Hand Jive & Scavenger Hunt
"Project Play began by advertising agency owner Marlene Byrne as she pondered the fading popularity of backyard games like “kick the can” and “ghosts in the graveyard.” After watching as her own children’s lives became consumed by electronic models of play and organized sports, Byrne decided to use books and stories to inspire kids to get out in the backyard, where creativity is born."

"The series debuted in the fall of 2008, where it has since been featured in both local and national publications. Each book features a different backyard game, is beautifully illustrated and inspires young readers to follow the lead of the Edgebrook gang as they use their imaginations to have fun."
So, pick up these books, and have them ready for the next time you hear somone say, "I'm bored!"
Max Elliot Anderson
Books for Boys

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