Wednesday, October 05, 2011

New Middle Grade Magazine Column

October marks the start of a monthly column I write for Christian Fiction Online Magazine. You'll find it in the Middle Grade section.

NEWS - New Children's Fiction Column .

Children’s adventure and mystery author, Max Elliot Anderson, has begun a monthly column in the October issue of Christian Fiction Online Magazine. The column focuses on middle grade readers.
“For as long as I can remember,” Anderson said, “ my life has included the production of dramatic films, video programs, and television commercials. Many of the films were produced to be rented to churches—long before video came along. Of these films, my favorite projects were those intended for younger viewers. We called them our kids films.”

It is out of this rich background experience that many of the books Anderson writes for kids today originates. So the column will recount many of his experiences related to the children’s projects, some of the locations around the world where they were shot, along with children who were involved in the stories. “In addition, I’ll add in my childhood experiences and characters that tend to find their way into the children’s fiction I write today,” Anderson said.

Anderson’s first installment encourages children to use their imagination. Max Elliot Anderson has published over a dozen books for boys. Girls enjoy reading them, too. His most recent titles include Barney and the Runaway, Lost Island Smugglers, When the Lights Go Out, Captain Jack’s Treasure, Legend of the White Wolf, and more. His blog, Books for Boys, often ranks #1 in Internet searches.

"Connections are made in the brain, while reading," Mr. Anderson concluded, "that don't happen any other way. Good reading habits lead to future success in school and in life."

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