Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Homeschooling Today reading article & a review of When The Lights Go Out

This month, Homeschooling Today Magazine features two items related to my books for readers 8 - 13, especially boys.

1. The current issue of their printed magazine reviews my adventure - mystery, When The Lights Go Out.
Look for it there. This book was released in time for the 10th anniversary of 9/11, but 9/11 is only a minor backdrop for the story.

2. I have a new article, Getting Children Reading Again, on Homeschooling Today Magazine's online site at 
For the next couple of months, approximately every two weeks, a new article will be published featuring information about reading that will be of interest to parents and grandparents.
I am committed to producing materials that are useful to parents, grandparents, and families who are interested in teaching their children moral, character, ethical, and spiritual principles in a way that is never "preachy" as reviewers like to point out.




ChapterHouse-Reads said...

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Linda Goodnight said...

I'm on the ACFW loop and found your blog that way. As a former teacher of the age group you write for and a mom of a reluctant reader, I totally agree with your approach. The only thing I've noticed though is that many girls today, including my daughter, are also reluctant readers. They like humor but don't lean toward adventure as much as boys do. Any suggestions on Christian authors who address the same need for girls 10-13?

max said...


Though my focus is on books that boys will read, I've found that girls love them as much or more. My template for this comes from years and years of producing dramatic films for the same age group. Boys wouldn't watch a girl's story, but girls would watch one about boys.

Linda Glaz said...

My son lived on the Hardy Boys. He had the entire set which he'd read at least half a dozen times each.

max said...

Linda Goodnight, I'm afraid I'm not up on the current books intended more for girls. Wish I could be helpful on that. I do get lots of girls reading and commenting on my books. You might try one like North Woods Poachers which also has 2 girls in it along with the 2 boy cousins.

max said...

Linda Glaz A lot of families did that. Now...if I could only get them to do the same with these books, right?