Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Willy The Wrong Way Rabbit

Today marks a new writing chapter as my short stories begin appearing in Knowonder Magazine online. I’ve become a staff writer for this magazine and it is expected that two of my original short stories will appear each month.

Knowonder intends for these stories to be read aloud to your younger children. And older children will want to read them for themselves.

Willy The Wrong Way Rabbit

I hope you will enjoy the first story, Willy The Wrong Way Rabbit. Find that story at  

You may also bookmark my profile on the Knowonder site where you can come back and find the titles of my new short stories as they are published in the magazine  

After you’ve read a story, I hope you’ll leave a comment, and then return to the magazine often for my new stories and those of other writers.

And don’t forget to watch for information on my new adventure and mystery books that will be released this year.

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