Saturday, June 30, 2012

Latest Review - River Rampage

River Rampage is an incredibly fast paced and well written book that has more twists and turns then the Wild Colorado River. Traveling with Tony, Sam and Tyler is an action packed adventure that takes you on one of the fastest and most treacherous rivers in the world. After the first day, they are separated from the rest of the group and have to survive, where many don't. Along the way, they meet many new and even more dangerous surprises. Only through their quick wits and sheer determination can they hope to make it back home alive. With things getting steadily worse as they go along, do they have it in them to make it home?
I couldn't put this book down till I knew if they make the journey. What started as an adventure, quickly became a battle to live. With each turned page, it seemed things got more involved, each new surprise, more harrowing, and almost impossible for the boys to live to tell the tale.
By the end, surviving the raging river is the least of their problems as the odds against them mount.
Max Elliot Anderson has crafted a delicious tale that is enjoyable to the last bite.
J. D. Means

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