Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Will you be teaching about 9/11?


With school starting up again, and it being close to the 11th anniversary of 9/11, I'm reminding everyone about the book, When the Lights Go Out. It's written for readers 8 and up. This fiction adventure - mystery helps to remind all of us of the people we lost on 9/11, but it's about much, much more.

You may want to have your students do a book report about When the Lights Go Out, or to write a paper about 9/11. You'll find much more information at this link, including an interview with a firefighter who was trapped in the rubble and survived. http://max-whenlightsgoout.blogspot.com/

May I encourage you to use When the Lights Go Out this year and in the future so we never forget what happened on 9/11.

Thank you,

Max Elliot Anderson


Unknown said...
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Archaznable said...

this is really a powerful book that teache's about the horror's of 9/11 ... we will learn from this one E-Book for your blogging experience

max said...

Thank you Mouzzam.