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Word Of Mouth

Experts agree one of the best - if not the best - forms of marketing is what others are saying about a product, company, or service.
Here are just a few short comments about the action-adventures and mysteries for kids by Max Elliot Anderson.
"Max Elliot Anderson brings a lifetime of dramatic film and video production to the pages of his action adventures and mysteries." Jerry B. Jenkins, Author

"Max Elliot Anderson's Adventures are like good, family movies." Bill Myers - Author

Lost Island Smugglers
* I would say that this is probably going to be my favorite of his books. That is until the next one comes out and I read it.
*This book was very exciting and it really kept me at the edge of my seat.

*Growing up I loved reading Hardy Boys (preferred them over Nancy Drew) and this reminded me of a Christian contemporary version of Hardy Boys. There is definitely action, adventure and suspense for both boys and girls 8-12 years.
*Parents: This is a wholesome book that boys will relate to and enjoy. The lessons that are included as part of this adventure are fully integrated into the story, unlike many books where we see a "preachy" sort of lesson which just pops up out of nowhere.

*What mother doesn't want to find a book with good values wrapped around an adventure story her sons will enjoy?
The action in this book is nonstop, drawing the reader in and keeping his attention all through the story.

*I'd recommend Lost Island Smugglers to anyone, whether boys or girls. Get your copy and dive into the adventure today!
*Lost Island Smugglers grips the reader's interest and continues to hold it until the very last page.

Captain Jack's Treasure

*These books by Anderson are a treasure to have. The format is clear and easy to read. Each chapter has a great ending to pull you into the next chapter and before the youth knows it they have read a book!
What I, as a parent and grandparent, like best about this book is how the author wove all the important things young boys should learn while growing up into their everyday lives. He built the base of a faith filled life without pushing it on you. It is a very easy book to read, flows very nicely.
 *Max’s books have adventures and mysteries to carry the reader from the first sentence to the end of the book. I would say they are must reads.

*This is a book that will appeal to juvenile boys and older. Girls will like these books too. If you have a reluctant reader, be sure to pick up any of Max Elliot Anderson's books. You'll be glad you did.

*As a parent that is always looking for quality literature that my boys can grow with (and doesn’t include vampires and magic and demons, yuck!) this was a refreshing read indeed. One I am sure we will revisit too as they get older.

*One can tell that Max Elliot Anderson knows the hearts and minds of young boys. I highly recommend this book to all adventure-loving (especially pirate-adventure loving) 8 to 12 year old boys or girls.

River Rampage

*If your tween boys, and girls too, like adventure and excitement, they simply have to try Max Elliot Anderson's books. I've never read one that I didn't like.

*This was a book that I couldn't put down. Max Anderson's writing style will grab readers and hold them until the end of the book.
*Readers of any of Max Elliot Anderson's books know that the books are guaranteed to be exciting, suspenseful, and geared toward boys. RIVER RAMPAGE isn't any different.
*My son really liked the book. It was exciting enough to keep him reading as he wanted to see what would happen next. It got his attention from the first few pages.
*I couldn't put this book down till I knew if they make the journey. What started as an adventure, quickly became a battle to live. With each turned page, it seemed things got more involved, each new surprise, more harrowing, and almost impossible for the boys to live to tell the tale.
*A fun story with enough action to keep kids reading to the very last page.

When The Lights Go Out

*This is a book that takes place after the events of 9/11. You don't have to wait until another anniversary of that date rolls around. This is a book that will grab you and hold you until you read the last word.
*Exciting, quick-paced, with good lessons - Anderson has written a book that middle school boys will gobble up.

*The reader will keep going to see what is going to happen next.

*This is a fast paced story for young adults, especially boys but girls will also enjoy this story of adventure, action, finding a mission and staying alive.

*I thoroughly enjoyed this book - and all of Mr. Anderson's books, as has my son. Thanks to Mr. Anderson, my son went from being a very reluctant reader, but when he read the first book he was hooked, and has read every one of his books to date.

*The author delivers a well written story that will shock the daylights out of you once you read the ending.

Barney And The Runaway

*This book is written by an author that has geared his writing to young boys but girls would enjoy it also. The story keeps you reading. Anything by this author is a wonderful gift and a book a person will treasure.
*This is a very fast moving story, one I couldn't put down.
*My son still has his collection of Max's books on his shelves. Pick up a copy of any of Mr. Anderson's books. You won't regret it. Barney and the Runaway is a great read.
*Mr. Anderson packs into this superb 5-star story the intrigue, mystery, and timeless life lessons that "tweens" will enjoy and parents will feel comfortable to read aloud.
*Barney and The Runaway is a great adventure story that is unpredictable and fascinating on every page. It's a great addition to the already terrific novels written by this very talented fiction author!!!
*It’s filled with action, mystery, and excitement that will keep both boys and girls turning the pages to see what happens next.

Legend Of The White Wolf

*The end was so gripping I found myself sitting on the edge of the couch. I gave this book a rating of 5 out of 5.
*The author also offers insights into the nature of this mysterious, magnificent animal which has suffered such a bad reputation in the past. Young readers of adventure stories will relish this. Adults who love and admire wolves will be charmed. 5 stars!

*Filled with suspense and information about wolves.

*Max Elliot Anderson weaves this story of adventure and trust with deft fingers, bringing the story to life in a fulfilling and meaningful way. "Legend of the White Wolf" should be included on every young boy's bookshelf.

Newspaper Caper

*A fun, suspenseful read with some interesting twists that squarely hits the target market of tween boys--though girls who enjoy mysteries will like it, too.
*There is excitement, adventure, with a few twists and turns for added fun. I will definitely recommend Newspaper Caper by Max Elliot Anderson to my daughter, nephew, and my friends with kids in the age group.

*Great to find a book whose characters are good examples and the adults are not made to look foolish.

*My older two boys who are 8 and 10 years old LOVED these books. I have one boy who doesn't like to read, but it was easy getting him to read everyday with this series of books! They would come tell me everything that happened in the part they read that day. I'm so glad I found an adventure that they like to read.

*I loved this book - and I'm a girl! And I'm definitely not a Tween. Yet this book captivated me from the first page.
*We feel this author is providing a much-needed resource for those readers who would rather not read if they don't have to. We rated it five. *Anderson's narrative is well plotted, the characters and their dialogue are realistic and the lessons sprinkled throughout are subtle but timely. I would gladly recommend this book to young readers. *This is an exciting book from beginning to end. I really enjoyed the clever but easy to follow plot, the believable characters, the realistic dialog, and the fun, family friendly humor. Parts of the book really keep you on the edge of your seat, too.

Terror At Wolf Lake


*I really liked the story in this book. It has some really fun moments and some really scary ones. It also shows how boys can be real with each other and how bad choices can lead to bad results and good choices can lead to fantastic results.
*The story uses exciting situations and humor to keep it interesting from beginning to end. And through it all the reader learns valuable lessons about what is really important in life.
*"Terror at Wolf Lake" is an enjoyably ethical story with a fresh, fun approach that young readers will truly enjoy. *"Terror at Wolf Lake" is a recommended read due to the clear, easy reading style and fairly strong plot line that juvenile adventure readers are likely to enjoy.

North Woods Poachers

*This is the second book by author Max Elliot Anderson that I have read, and both have been great. Max uses an exciting and adventuresome story to appeal to young readers. I would happily take an Anderson book over much of what is palmed off as young people's literature today.
*I found this book to be interesting from the very beginning and it held my attention all the way to the end. *Anderson crafts a story that has one breathtaking scene after another. Just when we think they are scared enough to avoid danger, the boys are at it again!

*When I was young, going out to a movie was a family event. When the movie was really good, we applauded at its end. I have to admit that, upon finishing this story, I had the urge to applaud! You will too, and if your family and friends wonder what has come over you, then loan them your book to read!
*I enjoyed this book very much. The kids in the story acted like detectives and solved the poaching mystery. It's a good book for boys and parents will be glad that the book also teaches about the importance of respecting the law.
*Max Elliot Anderson wrote this book to set kids, especially boys, on the edge of their seats. Dreams of adventure will whirl through the minds of readers as they turn the paes

The Scarecrow
*This was a story that I could relate to. As a teacher I see so many of my students face hardships in life that I've never had to face. Max Elliot Anderson is one of the top authors in my book.

*My daughter just finished reading The Scarecrow by Max Elliott Anderson. She loved the book and thinks the author writes very well. Overall, she said she would recommend this book to both boys and girls age eight and up. However, she feels that even grown-ups would love this book.

*Author Max Elliot Anderson has done it again. To be honest, I've never read a Max Elliot Anderson book that I didn't thoroughly enjoy, and this one is no different. It gets a high five from me.
* So, that's just a sampling of the comments these books have received. I hope you'll continue the word of mouth, and send this link on to other family, friends, and contacts.
Thank you - Max Elliot Anderson
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