Monday, June 30, 2014

The Secret of Gradmother'sGrandfather Clock

Book # 3 in a brand new series, The Accidental Adventures of Kurt Benson and His Fiends, Riley and Jordan, has been sent to the publisher, Elk Lake Publishing.

It's called,                                                            The Secret of Grandmother's Grandfather Clock.

         This book will soon join the first two installments of the series, The Cat Burglars and Funny MoneyMystery, which have not yet been published.
The Story
          Kurt loved to visit his grandparents’ farm. But, not this time. A simple phone call changed everything. His grandfather had been a bomber pilot and, together, they’d built models. When the phone rang, Kurt was nearly finished building the first one that could actually fly.

            His grandparents lived a long distance away. When the family finally got there, Kurt and his sister Olivia found out that their grandfather had died. But the biggest shock was that someone may have been responsible for it.

            So, Kurt, Olivia, and their cousins set out to discover the truth. What they find is someone had been threatening the old man and now they were trying to scare Kurt’s grandmother.

            His grandfather had left some clues, but they didn’t make sense to Kurt until he noticed a mirror. He also found out someone in the county office had been tampering with property records and several people had already lost their farms…but why?
More information about this NEW series will be coming soon.

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