Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Books for Middle Grade Boys Who Don’t Like to Read

My son and I just finished a book called Newspaper Caper by Max Elliot Anderson. Jacob has had a hard time reading since he started school. Mr. Anderson has determined to write books not just for every reader, but intentionally for boys who have a hard time reading; whether it's boredom with reading or struggling with it academically. 

This was an easy book to read. I was even captivated with the fast pace of the book and was bummed every time Jacob was ready to be done with reading time! I didn't read ahead, but stayed at the same pace. Jacob has a hard time putting his thoughts into words, but I wanted to know what his opinion of the book was once we finished. What I got from him was, “I really liked it." I tried to ask him what he liked about it and he wasn't sure. I knew I could ask him all kinds of questions, but wanted him to come up with reasons of his own. I think because of the age of the 3 boys in this book, he was able to relate to them on some level. Mr. Anderson certainly understands boys and what they like: bikes, sports, and mysteries.

I want to make it clear that Mr. Anderson's books aren’t only for boys who have reading problems. Girls would definitely enjoy the adventure and excitement. http://www.maxbooks.9k.com/index_1.html . Here is a link to his blog as well: http://booksandboys.blogspot.com/                                                                                        Amazon Author Page 

I would like to thank Mr. Anderson for filling a gap in the writing world…boys who have a hard time reading. I never understood how hard it could be to get a boy to read. I have 2 teenage girls who have walked around with books in their hands since they were 5 yrs old. I didn’t understand how to get a boy to read a book, but I think finding the right book is a huge accomplishment. Jacob has found an interest in adventure and mystery series. So, Newspaper Caper was a great adventure for the both of us.

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