Friday, June 10, 2016

FREE - The Sense of Humor is FREE Through June 14

FREE - The Sense of Humor is FREE Through June 14

FREE - The Sense of Humor is FREE for through June 14.

My publisher has just made The Sense of Humor - Let Humor Fast Track You to Healthier, Happier Living, FREE through June 14 at:

The first half of its 330 pages contains research, interviews, and practical examples showing how a great sense of humor helps everything in life go better. Chapters include health, family, ministry, education, relationships, and more.

The second half of the book is packed with some of the funniest jokes and stories you’ll find anywhere. These alone will help to brighten your day each time you read them. This humor material is also broken down into sections that correspond to the earlier chapter headings.

Reviewers: Here’s a chance to get a copy so you can consider giving your review.

Libraries: This free copy will help you in your decision about adding this book to your shelves.

Magazines: Once you’ve seen the in formation in this book, a future article might be of interest.

Newspapers: Your readers may appreciate a review of this new book.

Newsletters: A spotlight on this book would be helpful to your readers.

Public Speakers: You will find ample humor material for future speeches.

Parents: There’s a whole chapter devoted to raising children, even teenagers, using humor.

Teachers: There’s a chapter documenting how the use of humor in the classroom will enhance learning and retention. 

Health Professionals: There is a broad spectrum of information when it comes to the positive effects of humor and health. Much of that material has been condensed in one of the chapters. And not only better health, combating depression is also covered.

Take advantage of this FREE offer today and find out how humor can fast track you, too, to healthier, happier living. Then please tell your family and circle of friends about this new book.

The Sense of Humor by Max Elliott Anderson


By "Doc" Hilton on May 4, 2016
Format: Paperback
“If you can find humor in a situation, you can survive it.”

Those are the words of an unnamed comedian in the book, THE SENSE OF HUMOR, and the emphasis on the word “sense” is intentional. Think of humor as the “sixth sense” that everyone keeps talking about, but can never quite define. But understand, as well, that humor needs to be elevated out of the relative obscurity it enjoys in stand-up comedy clubs and late-night talk shows.

The therapeutic effects of humor have been analyzed, scrutinized, contemplated, collated, and annotated ad nauseam, but are usually hidden by a forest of mathematical, medical, psychological and statistical tables so dense that the subject dies from lack of oxygen.

Max Elliot Anderson has taken all of the data and put it in the language of the man on the street. Finally, whoever has an interest in the art and science of humor has a resource that will help them put a name on the positive effects of humor.

But we are living in the 21st Century, and the average consumer demands more! So . . . Anderson delivers.

The book is divided into two roughly equal parts. The first part is “How Humor Does What It Does.”

The second part of the book allows one to fully experience everything talked about in the first half, by providing a collection of humorous jokes, anecdotes, gaffs and giggles that will keep one in stitches – and out of the hospital – for the better portion of the remainder of one’s natural life.

5 stars for a book that delivers everything promised in the title!

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