Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Talk About Your Dream Car

Along with others in our family, I had the opportunity to ride in this car. The eyeballs of all our friends nearly popped out when the car pulled up in front of our elementary school.’s-saturn-sport-custom-from-ames-iowa-motor-trend-january-1953/

Lloyd Templeton’s Saturn:Sport Custom From Ames Iowa (Motor Trend, January 1953)
Lloyd Templeton of Ames, Iowa, has gone all out on customizing as a hobby.  Speaking for himself as well as for Don and Bob Templeton, he said, “We feel that we have been well repaid for our efforts – pride of ownership means a lot to us.”
This sleek creation features a completely handmade sheet metal body on a modified ’48 Mercury chassis.  Overall length is 210 inches and, with the top on the car stands 48 inches above the roadway.  Road clearance is 5 and ½ inches and the weight is 3500 pounds.
The drivers compartment is located where the back seat was in the original body.  This accounts for the exceptional 90 inch length of the hood.  The instrument panel has an amazing array of no less than1 15 separate instruments.
Individual bucket-type seats are provided for driver and passenger.  Upholstery is luxurious black leather with white trim.  The car required 2 and ½ years of spare time to build, cost an approximate $12,000, and is the only one with its particular styling in the United States.

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