Friday, November 11, 2016

To All The Veterans Who Celebrate Veterans Day Today

In October, 1967, I completed my basic training at Ft. Campbell, KY. That’s me, in the second row, 4th from the right, standing right next to my drill sergeant. Yikes, that still gives me the willies. I think he just wanted to keep an eye on me to make sure I actually graduated, and got out of his life. That’s because I even got him to laugh from time to time, and, as all veterans know, drill sergeants in basic training NEVER laughed.
I’d been drafted and went on to serve in Germany in a tank company, as the main gun and machine gun loader, before taking on the duties of company clerk. Glad I took typing in high school. Two of my other brothers served in Okinawa and Vietnam.
Tonight our church will host a wonderful veterans dinner which is always such a nice evening.

Congratulations to all who served and are now able to celebrate our special day.

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