Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow Place Like Home

Special Note! On Feb 6, we will mark the 100th birthday of President Ronald Reagan. I had a private, one hour video interview with him on the last visit to his boyhood home in Dixon, IL. I'll have a special post here on his birthday.

Let me begin by saying that this winter would be a good time to order a copy of Lost Island Smugglers, turn the heat up, sit by a fire if you have one - please don't start a fire in your house if you don't have a fireplace - and curl up with a copy of Lost Island Smugglers. Why? Because the story takes place in sunny, HOT, Florida.
The reports are that we received more than 13" of snow in this storm. But it was the howling winds that we heard all through the night that did the most damage.
Here's what I was faced with when I opened the garage door to begin shoveling.

A really big driveway drift

Snow hanging off of my roof 

I had to dig my way through this monster 

Just getting started


The last stretch was complicated because the plow only went down the center of the street. That gave me a drift from the end of my driveway, clear out to the middle of the road. Fortunately, a neighbor came over with his snow blower and we finished the job. Whew!
Speaking of the newspaper, neither the Chicago Tribune nor the Rockford Register Star showed up this morning. And whatever happened to the post office's slogan, "Neither rain, nor snow...?" The report today is don't necessarily expect to see your mail.

Since the plow only went down the middle of our street, there's still a 10' drift to our mailbox.

Our tabby cat, Aubie, is an indoor-outdoor cat. Today, she's decided she'd like to be an indoor cat.

If you'd like to see more pictures, our newspaper has them at Rockford Register Star pictures


Cheryl Linn Martin said...

Wow, Max! How's your back after all that shoveling???

Maybe you need to visit my Life in Flip-Flops blog for a little shot of Hawaii!

Cheryl Linn Martin said...

Oops! Link--

max said...

My back has had enough for one day, that's for sure.

Crystal Laine said...

Amazing photos! We got mostly ice. I'm hoping none of the snow hits us. I would be worried about the snow up on your roof.

I remember being in snow like this, but not for several years. I'm ready for spring already!

max said...

I shoveled the heaviest snow I could reach off of my roof.

Linda Glaz said...

Horrible storm. We got blanketed as well. Ugh, and I love snow.

max said...

I did the last digging out this afternoon, Linda. Ugh!