Friday, April 22, 2011

A Boy & His Dog, a train, a circus, and loving parents…what could go wrong, right?

A Boy

& His Dog

A train

A circus, and loving parents…what could go wrong, right?

That’s the story of Barney and the Runaway where Michael learns the important lesson that you don’t know how good you have it till it’s gone.

Barney and the Runaway is about Michael Ellis who has recently told his parents to start calling him Mike from now on. He especially didn’t like the way they were always telling him what to do. Mike pretends to run away for a day with his dog Barney. Maybe then his parents will change.

The plan gets a bit more complicated when Mike and Barney climb into a railroad box car, fall asleep, and end up in Georgia with a circus in the middle of the night. Fortunately for the runaways, Big Bob the Clown takes Mike and Barney to safety in his wagon. Mike thinks that living and performing with the circus might be a good life until Big Bob opens Mike's eyes to his tragic past.

Mike’s encounter with this grown up runaway helps him to understand that his parents truly love him. Then Mike and Barney save the circus. Through it all, Mike learns the importance of family.

Parents will appreciate Barney and the Runaway, but kids will love it.

Barney and the Runaway Available in bookstores and online. For readers 8 and up - especially boys.

Max Elliot Anderson

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