Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Too Late For Turkeys?

No one would suggest that turkeys are the smartest birds in the world. But then, it wasn't too long ago that I realized they really can fly if they want to, so who knows? I'd found them on my roof one morning, and up in a tree in my back yard the next.
Then this bunch wandered into my yard again yesterday. On a good day, we might see more than 60 of them pass by in flocks of various numbers. But this rafter of birds ambled across the yard at a slower than usual pace. I warned them that Thanksgiving was today. Then the biggest of them all tried to remind me, through his gobbling, how close the founding fathers came to naming the turkey as our national bird. Whew, that was a close one.
Anyway, I warned them that it'd be a good idea if they headed into the woods and hid out for the day.

That's when two of them got all puffed up. I'm sure I heard a few vulgar turkey words before they turned around, walked across the road and into the woods like I told them. That's when I called out to them, "There's a reason why they call it Turkey Day, and it's not because you get an award!"


Cheryl Linn Martin said...

Funny, Max! And I love the pictures. Hope your Thanksgiving was totally blessed.

max said...

Thank you Cheryl.

Vinny Grette said...

Boys can be hard to reach. Love your book trailers! They're definitely NOT turkeys.

max said...

Thank you Vinny, I appreciate that.