Friday, March 23, 2012

A Word-Of-Mouth Experiment

I’ve been involved in marketing for clients, through video production and TV commercials, most of my life. In recent years, there’s been a new emphasis as markets fragmented. It’s called word-of-mouth. Likely you’re very aware of its power.

So, I’d like to try an experiment. If you’re a parent, grandparent, teacher, librarian, or friend of children 8 – 13, or have them in your circle of friends, and you’d like to see them reading more, I would appreciate it if you’d choose the following and plug it into your social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, your blog, newsletter or others.

If you'd also like to choose the email option, that, too, would be much appreciated.

For your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites please post the following: (Most sites will shorten the link so it fits the message)

Check out these adventures & mysteries for readers 8 – 13 by Max Elliot Anderson  

For your email messages:

Subject line – Adventures & mysteries for kids!

I thought you'd like to know about adventure & mystery books for kids 8 – 13 by Max Elliot Anderson. More information is available at these sites:

Author Web Site

Author Blog

Author Book Trailer Videos

Any other efforts you choose to make, in order to spread this information as far and wide as possible will be appreciated. Feel free to suggest that others do the same. I’ll watch to see what happens, and will report it in a week or so on my blog at

Word-Of-Mouth promotion has power!

Thank you!

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