Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Contract Signed for New Adventure Book


Details to follow as this project develops.

          Billy lived in a pitiful place in the city with his mother and younger sister, Becky. Their father had run off years ago and their mother became abusive every time she drank, to forget her troubles.
            One fateful day, a judge ordered that the children had to be removed from the house. The children thought that would be all right until they learned that they wouldn’t be going to the same place together.
            Billy found himself on a remote farm with an aunt and uncle who have never had children. Billy withdrew and didn’t speak at all for a long time.
            As his uncle gave him a tour of the farm, Billy was startled when he first saw the scarecrow. Then something amazing happened. Billy wasn’t certain at first, but he was positive that the scarecrow could talk. Later, in his mind, he and the scarecrow became best friends, and did everything together.
            Billy’s uncle became concerned and, in time, showed him how he could have a friend who would stick closer than a brother.
            Finally, Billy was able to share the news with his sister and his mother.

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