Thursday, May 03, 2012


River Rampage will release in June. This is book #3 in the Sam Cooper Adventure Series.

River Rampage
Sam Cooper and his friends have the chance of a lifetime to go rafting down the mighty Colorado River. The rains have been heavy this season, turning the raging river even more treacherous. The boys’ become separated from the main group, their rubber raft is going flat, and now they’re on their own. They have their hands full with a crusty prospector, his gold mine, a gang of outlaw bikers, and a desperate river escape on their makeshift wooden raft.

Think that’s the worst that could happen? 

Well, it isn’t!

Here's the video.

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Book # 1 Lost Island Smugglers
Video - Lost Island Smugglers

Book # 2 Captain Jack's Treasure

VideoCaptain Jack's Treasure

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