Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Exciting NEWS! Short Stories for Kids

Six months ago, I began writing short stories, as a staff writer, for an online magazine for kids. So far, I've submitted nearly 30 stories. That means if your kids like what they see, there will be many, many more in the future. Today, the first one was published by Knowonder. This magazine re-launched on June 1, and plans a new, fresh short story every....single....day!

Read my adventure-mystery story, S.O.S., at

Be sure to sign up for the app on your smart phone by searching the name Knowonder

More details about Knowonder magazine.
Knowonder, an online children’s magazine, is announcing its relaunch. It is bigger and better than ever! Promising a story a day, Knowonder is a valuable partner for parents and educators in promoting literacy. Some of the exciting features the newly redesigned site offers are:

§       *  New stories every day
§       * 3 new non-fiction articles each week
§       *  8 content categories, including classic favorites, kid stories and kid art
  *Contests & prizes; your opinion matters! Vote for your favorites to assure you see more like them in the future!
  *IPhone app available
§      *Android app coming soon!

     Visit every day and find a new story to share with your children.


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max said...
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